Line pipe Suppliers

Here at Ardvik we supply high-performance line pipe suitable for a wide range of industry applications. Ensure the safe, reliable and efficient onshore or offshore transportation of gas, water or oil with our full range of OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods).

Utilising our global network of manufacturers, mills and distributors, we can procure line pipe in a variety of sizes, diameters, lengths and grades. All our line pipe is produced to the highest industry standards and the mills we work with have achieved approval from the world’s largest oil & gas and water companies.

Line pipe products

We supply line pipe with high strength and structural durability, with a range of steel pipes manufactured from high-integrity materials, including carbon steel and low alloy, chromium molybdenum, austenitic stainless steels, feritic-austenitic steels, nickel alloys and copper nickel.

short radius 45 degree elbow pipe

Our supply includes Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) line lipe and Double Submerged Ard Welded (DSAW) line pipes which are available in a variety of thicknesses and diameters, suitable for use across a number of different industrial applications.

Receive the correct line pipe size and find an easy-to-install piping solution that can be fitted in a variety of different configurations. With over twenty years of industry experience, Ardvik can provide comprehensive advice to help make the construction of your pipeline as seamless as possible.

OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods)

Ardvik can source a full range of top quality OCTG, to ensure that every stage of your oilfield operation is a success. This includes drill pipes for drilling rigs, casing to line the wellbore, and tubing to enable the efficient delivery of oil and gas to the surface.

Our expert team can streamline procurement for oil & gas operations by sourcing all OCTG quickly and at a low price. Whether you’re setting up a new oilfield, or upgrading your existing rig, Ardvik can help.

Certified quality

We make sure all our supplies conform to the very latest industry standards to ensure safe and reliable operation even in high pressure environments.

Each steel pipe is additionally tested to guarantee all requirements of steel chemistry, strength, toughness, and dimensional quality are met.

By closely monitoring the standard of fittings from each distributor, we ensure that the stock we supply is of superior quality and perfect for use in the energy industry.

Fast, effective procurement

Ardvik is a leading UK procurement company, specialising as a supplier in the very best products for the oil & gas industries. With our focused and professional supply chain team, we work to streamline the procurement process. Get access to the highest quality line pipe and OCTG at the lowest possible cost, with fast, reliable delivery and track your orders with real-time updates.

Find out more about our line pipe and pipe supply services. Contact us today for an advanced procurement solution for your business needs.