Gate Valves & Check Valves

Guarantee optimum performance. Achieve the least amount of restriction and excellent straight-line flow across our full supply of gate and check valves.

At Ardvik we make sure that you receive only the highest quality equipment, made to the highest of standards by industry-leading manufacturers.

We supply a large variety of high-performance valves suitable for a number of configurations and industrial tasks across a range of industrial sectors, including the water & oil, petrochemical, construction and manufacturing industries.

Stainless steel Gate valves

Offering effective isolation for a variety of fluids, our gate valves are manufactured from a wide range of high-performance, specialist materials, including stainless steel and carbon, duplex grades, bronzes, high nickels and super alloys, with designs suitable for a wide range of applications.


Our gate valve range includes valves designed with a high-integrity construction for exceptionally secure sealing, and they’re built to a variety of pressure classes that are capable of withstanding elevated temperatures.

Industrial Check valves

We also supply check valves forged from high-integrity materials which provide secure sealing at mid-range pressures.

Suitable for applications requiring single directional shut-off, our check valves are available in a number of different connection sizes, and are easily implemented into existing systems.

Extensive manufacturer networks

Through our wide manufacturer network we’re able to supply valves of different sizes, configurations and materials intended for use in a range of industry applications, including use in the water, oil and petrochemical industries

The strength and efficiency of our supply chain means that we’re able to deliver to clients working across a variety of industry sectors with the gate vales and check valves they need at the lowest price, and in the quickest time.

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