Centrifugal & Submersible high-performance Pumps

Centrifugal-PumpKeep costs to a minimum and find reliable procurement services at Ardvik – we supply centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps made by the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

All the pumping equipment that we supply is intended for a use in a range of configurations and is available for use in a wide variety of industrial tasks across a number of industrial sectors, including the water & oil, mining, construction and petrochemical industries.

Centrifugal water pumps

We supply a wide range of centrifugal pumps from industry-leading manufacturers who design their pumps to comply in full with all ISO, EN and API standards.

With an internal impeller rotating at high speeds, these high-performance centrifugal pumps are designed to accelerate fluids which pass through it. They are some of the most commonly used pumps currently available on the market and offer excellent fluid transfer efficiency.

Industrial Submersible pumps

We’re also fully equipped to source high-performance submersible pumps made by trusted and reliable global manufacturers. Constructed with the strongest and most durable materials, our submersible pumps guarantee optimum and efficient performance with an exceptionally low lifecycle cost.

Find submersible pumps available for a number of applications with a range of efficient, easy-to-install models that are especially suited for offshore conditions.

We supply single or multi-stage configuration pumps suitable for a variety of platform designs, which can be successfully incorporated into systems with space limitations, or in those instances where conventional pump mounting is not feasible.

Streamlined supply

We deliver high quality pumps and understand that in the world of industry, fast and efficient procurement is paramount. Our supply chain team are on hand to source the items you need to meet your requirements, and we’re able to expedite prompt despatch through our extensive global manufacturer and supplier network.

Find out more about our range of pumps and procurement services. Contact us today and obtain the fast, reliable procurement solutions to meet your business needs.