Ball Valves

Get maximum operational safety and optimum performance with our quality range of ball valves. Excellent for achieving a perfect shut-off in a variety of applications, our range of ball valves are for use across industry sectors including the oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, construction and manufacturing industries.

High pressure ball valves

As always with Ardvik, we source a range of ball valves from trusted, reliable manufacturers who make certain their products meet the highest performance standards.

We ensure our range of ball valves offers optimum reliability for their intended application. Each ball valve benefits from a high-integrity construction which gives them a long operational life, and allows them to maintain a perfect shut-off and secure seal in almost any industrial system operating at mid-range classes and elevated temperatures.

Competitively priced, with a full bore, split body design, our ball valves are manufactured from high-performance carbon steel or stainless steel body materials, with a choice of trim and packing materials which includes flexible graphite, nylon or PTFE.

All our sourced ball valves also undergo a full chemical and mechanical test analysis before they’re dispatched to ensure compliance with DIN 500 49 3.1.B.

Efficient supply chain

Find cost-effective procurement; and ensure the most competitive price and receive your ball valves as quickly as possible. We know that industry relies on fast and efficient procurement, and with our extensive network of reputable manufacturers around the world, we source and guarantee rapid despatch of your orders.

Find out more about our range of ball valves and procurement services. Contact us today and obtain reliable procurement solutions for your business.