How to make your car more efficient in the winter

Cold winter mornings make it really hard to get out of bed, don’t they? The icy rain and wind banging on your bedroom window makes your bed feel like the safest, cosiest place on earth, and leaving it behind while you get up and go to work feels like torture. The cooler weather affects your body, making it harder for your muscles to warm up, leaving you feeling stiff and sluggish in the mornings. It’s really hard to get going on a cold day, and you feel like you’re burning all your energy up just trying to stay warm. Continue reading

The advantages of switching to LED bulbs

Ikea, the Swedish furniture giants, have recently announced that they are to stop selling halogen and compact fluorescent bulbs from September this year, when all of their lighting will become super efficient light-emitting diodes, aka LEDs. With over 2.3 million bulbs sold by Ikea each year in the UK alone, the change should hopefully help their customers to save energy and money over time. Continue reading

5 big changes that will make your home more eco-friendly

We all know that we should be living a greener life and reducing our carbon footprints for the sake of the planet; but what’s in it for us? In order to make the bigger changes that are necessary for helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, most of us need to see the smaller picture; i.e. how can we benefit directly from the changes we’re being asked to make? Continue reading